Charles Bukowski: the last 2 readings "There's Gonna Be a God Damn Riot in Here!" (1979) and "The Last Straw" (1980) uncut on DVD

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2-Disc Special 30th Anniversary Set

Uncut versions of the two readings, There's Gonna Be a God Damn Riot in Here! (105 minutes) and The Last Straw (94 minutes)

"The poems, as you might expect, are terrific and hearing the author read them in his weathered voice is a treat. What makes watching the readings so addictive is the interacting between the writer and his devoted fans. Who knew a poetry reading could be so feisty?" 
                                                                                      -John Black, Movie Critic DVD a Day

"This DVD is unlikely to win Bukowski any new fans, but for the faithful it's probably worth double dipping for the unedited versions of these shows and the new special features. This disc is especially recommended to those who might be familiar with Bukowski's writing but unfamiliar with his voice and reading style. He's in fine form for these last two shows, and it's nice that fans have them both here in one tidy package." 
-Gordon Sullivan, DVD Verdict

"... it's fascinating to watch Bukowski right from the moment he walks onto the stage. Whether he's smoking his ever-present Bidi (an Indian clove cigarette), taking large gulps from a seemingly bottomless glass of red wine, talking with the audience, and even reading the occasional poem, his weathered features and rough-hewn voice hold our attention where others wouldn't. He has some sort of charisma, which is hard to define as it's not the standard issue stuff handed out to the good-looking or otherwise conventional types we're normally attracted to.'s well worth checking out the readings of his poetry by people like Bono, Tom Waits, and others who are part of the interview with John Dullaghan who directed the documentary Bukowski: Born Into This and the excerpts from a performance of the play Love Bukowski."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -Richard Marcus



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